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Mow time for the things you love!


Our heavy duty models include the 430X, 435X, and the 450X

An Automower that fits your lifestyle.

Most people don’t have time to cut their grass every week, so we offer robotic mowers that give you the best yard in the neighborhood and gets your weekends back.



As low as $36/MONTH*

0% Financing Available

Automowers typically pay for themselves in less than 1.5 years if replacing grass cutting service!

*$36/month is approximate for the 115H or 310 models without GPS upgrades.

Amazon Alexa speaker compatible

Smart Home Compatible

Through your Alexa or Google Home device, tell your Automower to 'cut the lawn' and give a list of various commands. 

Google Nest compatible
Robo mowers are safe for kids & pets.

Safe Operation around Kids and Pets

Over 25 years of testing & perfecting the Automower has made it safe for even the most curious members of your family. 

Robomower iPhone & Android controls


If you can operate your smartphone, you can control your Automower.

Want your weekends back?

Spend time doing what you love, while the Automower works day and night to keep your lawn looking picture perfect!


  • It can mow in the rain.
  • It is self-charging and can run 24/7.
  • It doesn't leave marks in the yard.
48 Months Promotional Financing Available

Husqvarna Playlist

60-day Money-back Guarantee

Husqvarna 60-day money-back guarantee on robotic mowers.

Price Guide

Prices include standard installation. Recommended model may vary depending on lot complexity and customer preference. 

1/2 acre lot 3/4 acre lot 3/4 acre lot
H310 with GPS upgrade310 with GPS upgrade 115 H with GPS upgrade115 H with GPS upgrade 315X315X
$1,899 $1,899 $2,499

Loan: N/A*

Loan: N/A*



Credit Card


Credit Card


Credit Card


1 acre lot 1.5 acre lot lots with 70% slope
430X430X 450X450X 435X AWD435X AWD
$3,299 $4,599 $5,199







Credit Card


Credit Card


Credit Card


*$2,500 minimum purchase required to qualify for installment loan. Mower may be combined with accessories to meet the minimum purchase requirement.  Installment loan and credit card monthly cost is approximate and excludes sales tax.  Installment loan monthly cost calculated using 0% Interest for 36 months plus a $125 origination fee. Credit card monthly cost calculated using 0% Interest for 48 months plus a $150 promotion fee. Financing subject to credit approval.


Low Monthly Payment

0% Interest

Getting an Automower is as easy as submitting an application on your phone!

Installment Loan

 36 Months/0% Interest*

Credit Card

 48 Months/0% Interest*


"Great job very happy with my 310 automower. He Always answers my calls and text. Had me up and running in no time. Give him a call and enjoy your free time." -Mike Petry in Lake Charles, Louisiana

"I’ve dealt with Lukas a few times and each time the customer service has been exceptional. I have an Automower that I bought elsewhere and, he’s serviced it like a champ. When I had to go without it for a few weeks he even provided me with a loaner Automower. Great guy and a business I will continue to support for years to come." -Justin Quirk in Lake Charles, Louisiana

"Can’t say enough GREAT things about Louisiana Automower and It’s owner, Lukas! Nice, professional, always available to answer any questions I may have and always goes WAY above and beyond to make sure his customers have the best experience possible! If your in the market for a new lawn mower, you don’t be disappointed by the Husqvarna automower, and you certainly won’t be disappointed by the excellent service you’ll receive from Lukas!" - Dillon Richard in Lake Charles, Louisiana

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Which mower is for you?

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